Wellness program include: 

   it needs to fit into your company 

 Wellness for Life program that offers meditation and mindfulness classes 
 Incentives for employees engaging in stress-reduction habits – employees are rewarded for stress-reducing activities such as taking a walk, practicing breathing exercises, and listening to calming music •
 Employee meditation minutes Sound therapy 
 Easy and quick access to mindfulness resources located on the company’s website • 
“Mindful moment” tips displayed on conference rooms’ whiteboards that offer reminders and advice to help employees stay mindful and stress-free throughout the workday 
 10-week weight loss challenges that include cash prizes and weekly gift cards 

 Annual health fairs with fun activities 

 Regular parties for employees and their families • Guest lectures on nutrition and physical activities 

 • Free onsite fitness classes • Fresh fruit stocked in break rooms 

 Monthly workshops with different health-themed focuses such as a “the real  Detox” workshop and Super food in-season immunity workshop before flu season 

 Two 15-minute walking breaks each day to encourage regular exercise and stress relief • DIY standing desks – employees are encouraged and provided with materials to make their very own standing desks to combat the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle 

• Team outings – trips to the zoo and company lunches help support social and emotional health while creating a tight-knit company culture

 • Our very own wellness

 wellness challenges